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KSFunk25 Recall FAQs

KSFunk25 Recall and Return

Are any other KitSound or Kondor products affected by this recall?

No, it is only the KitSound Funk25 wireless earbuds that are subject to this recall notice. All colours (black, grey, pink, green) should be recalled.

My KSFunk25 has a charging case, ear buds and a charging lead. Which parts are the subject of this recall?

The charging case is the subject of the recall notice. You must return the charging case to receive a refund or e-voucher. If you have the ear buds and charging lead please return those as well.

My KSFunk25 was supplied with a USB C charging lead. If I don’t return the charging lead, can I still use it?

No, please return it along with the charging case and ear buds

I want to keep my KSFunk25; they work well and I am using the correct charger. Is that OK?

No, please stop using it immediately as there is a safety issue with this product and return for a refund/e-voucher.

Is it just a certain batch or date when I purchased my KSFunk25 that is affected by this recall?

No, all KSFunk25 Models are affected irrespective of their batch or purchase date.

I have a charger/power bank that I have used to charge my KSFunk25. Do I need to return that as well?

No, we are only recalling the KSFunk25 charging case with earbuds and NOT your charger as Kondor did not supply your charger.

I have used my charger/ power bank to charge my KSFunk25. Is it still safe for use to charge other devices?

Unfortunately, we cannot say. The charger/ power bank that you used was not supplied by Kondor and therefore you would need to check with the person you purchased it from.

If you have purchased any of these wireless ear buds and require further assistance, please e-mail kitsoundrecall@kondor.co.uk or contact the below freephone helpline during normal business hours:

UK: 0800 414 8506
ROI: 014087135


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