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Introducing the KitSound™ Airline Adaptor 2.

Using wireless headphones on a plane has never been easier. With pivot control and up to 15 hours play time, you can enjoy in-flight entertainment on even the longest journey.

Wireless listening

Don’t get tangled up in wires whilst sitting on a plane thanks to the wireless functionality of the Airline Adaptor 2. This makes travelling on a plane an even more relaxing experience.

Airline Adaptor 2

Single and double jack

The Airline Adaptor 2 features flexible and versatile pivot control. Now you can connect to both single and double jacks on planes easily and without fuss.

Enhanced audio

AptX Low Latency means you can sink into the music, audiobooks and podcasts you love without distracting plane noises, ensuring that there’s no delay between the source and your headphones.

Airline Adaptor 2


The Airline Adaptor also works on a variety of other systems and ports such as on turntables and TVs. Now you can take your Airline Adaptor 2 to more than just the airport.

Compact design

As space is often an issue on planes, we have designed the Airline Adaptor to be as compact and as small as possible. Easy to pop in the hand luggage and takes up less room when plugged in.

Airline Adaptor 2

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