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August 29th, 2017
Chris R on 

I got these for my wife a few months ago. Not the easiest woman to impress with technology, I had my doubts about if she would like them or not, however she said they are a perfect fit, stay in place while at the gym, and with no wire going from her ear down to the pocket in her workout gear, she doesn't snag it when running! My wife can be a bit picky over the sound quality of wireless headphones, however I am pleased to say that these are hands down, the best sounding wireless headphones she has ever used! Now here's what I think - The build quality is fantastic, small but solid! Having a flat cable, they don't tangle easily. I had no problems connecting them to both an Android phone and an ipod nano. Bottom line - If it makes my wife happy, you can promise yourself it's an amazing item! 10/10, would buy again!

July 21st, 2017
J S Kandola on 
Bought a pair at the Maplin store in Camden, I had never heard of KS but after quizzing a salesman I purchased the Outrun Evos. The sound quality surprised me, I adjusted the phone sound equiliser for a touch more bass and havn't had to fiddle with it since. Also very loud, which is great on the tube. A touch larger than I first thought, they protrude slightly from the ears. I assume this is to house the very good batteries and bluetooth hardware. Went in looking for some wireless beats but am happy to have saved £100 and not had to compromise on quality.
May 2nd, 2017
Paul on 
Outstanding sound quality from the KS OUTRUN EVOLUTION EARPHONES Great Bluetooth connectivity and simple to setup. I would be lost without them after 3 weeks use With great play time of about 6 hours before a quick recharge using the USB charge cable. Also comes with a smart armband case for your phone - Simply Great


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