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February 22nd, 2017
Russell on 
The outrun sports Bluetooth earbuds are overall an excellent product. I haven't lost connection yet between my phone and the headphones. The headphones have held the battery charge for at least 40 km of running in a week. Comes with three different sizes of earbuds for unique fit. All the controls and features are great. The only downside to this product is that I felt the cable needed to be 4 inches longer. I am a size 18 collar around the neck, and when I turn my head to check for traffic the right earbud always fell out which is the side where the volume control is. This would be prevented if slightly longer. I would say for 5 ft people in height, this problem won't occur. I also wished that the earbuds didn't stick out so much too, not that this was a big problem. Overall nearly perfect product.
August 26th, 2016
Guillaume on 
I bought these wireless headphones, being a bit reticent on the fact that there is no wire with a 3.5 jack (at the level of the sound quality that it could generate) I hesitated a long time, but as I run quite often and I hate to have the wires of my headphones that this ride to the level of my chest I decided to take these wireless headphones and wouuuaaaw! They are just suuuper! Level bass and sound they are really impressive, do not worry about it. Then with regard to the battery life 6h well as expected and finally, yes they are super light and no one does not feel a weight in addition to the level of the volume adjuster really not! I recommend! (translated from French)
July 1st, 2016
Chelsy on 
For Bluetooth wireless earphones the audio quality on these is very good, much better than I had expected. The battery doesn't take long to charge and I've used them for up to 5 hours continuously with them still working, I think the better could go even longer but I haven't tried them for that long yet which, again, is much better than I expected from Bluetooth wireless earphones. The only criticism I have is that all of the buds that came with the earphones are far too large to fit into my ears, I'm using the smallest ones just now but I have to constantly adjust them and the surrounding noise leaks in presumably because they don't fit properly. Overall, it's a fantastic product however the quality and usage is comprimised if the buds don't fit you properly which in my experience is the case.
June 15th, 2017
Paul BigH on 
I purchased these sometime ago now, I have used them in all situations and have found then to be really good clarity. Bluetooth operation, distance i can use them all around my place of work and still hear my my music and still answer calls. Best of all my partner did not check my trousers and put my jeans in for a hot wash without realizing. It wasn't until I found them some weeks later. I then thought that it they have been ruined so I plugged them in the PC and low and behold the red light came on and within a hour they were charged and working. I am absolutely amazed and grateful.
May 2nd, 2017
Peter Dandy on 
Very good sound battery life is good but i have weird ears so can be a bit fiddley to fit but overall great product

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