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Cube DAB FM/DAB+ Radio Alarm Clock


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Product details


  • 100 Hz – 20 kHz : Frequency response
  • 3 W : Output RMS
  • 20 mm : Drivers
  • DC, 5 V / 2.5 A : Power source
  • H100 x W100 x D100 (mm) : Dimensions
  • Box Contents

  • KS Cube DAB
  • Mains adaptor
  • User manual
  • Play your music

    The Cube DAB Radio Alarm Clock benefits from finely tuned 3W drivers, so your alarm clock transforms into a mini speaker. The 3.5mm line-in connection allows you to connect your device and listen to your favourite tunes on repeat.

    Dual alarms

    It even comes equipped with dual alarms for ease of use. Set one for work, and have one spare so you don’t over sleep at the weekend. Decide if you want to wake up to DAB+ / FM radio or the built-in buzzer.

    Cube DAB Clock Alarm Speaker 3

    Charge your phone

    The Cube DAB Radio Alarm Clock is mains powered but also can also be powered by AA batteries (not included). It has a built-in USB charge output, so you can charge your phone or other USB device.

    Dimmable LCD display

    Easy to adjust dimmable LCD display so it doesn’t wake you during the night, or to light the room slightly. Perfect if you’re a light sleeper, or one that needs some light in the room.

    Cube DAB Clock Alarm Speaker 4

    SKU: KSCBDABBK Categories: Speakers, Docking & Radio

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    January 12th, 2018
    Clifford DICKINSON on 
    The Cube came securely packed and presented in a high quality and stylish printed Kitsound carton, which contained the radio, mains power lead/adapter and 2 plug adapters for UK and EU use. The box also holds the easy to use and straight forward User Manual. The Cube DAB FM/DAB+ Radio Alarm is a sturdy compact cube some 100mm per side with a front LCD display with mode and selection buttons on the right hand side, top speaker and extending metal aerial. the unit is covered in a soft feel rubbery finish and it feels solid and well made. Additionally the radio also has a USB outlet rated at 5v/2.1Amp for charging portable devices plus a Aux in socket for audio inputs from mobile phones etc. Finally there is a battery compartment for 4 AA batteries which makes portable use of the Cube possible. The initial set up is simple with the radio auto searching for DAB+ stations and then connectimng to a strong signal source. The LCD display shows Station details, DAB operation and time. In Standby it shows date and time. The radio has Full Scan, Quick Scan and Manual scan tuning options with the first two displaying a progress bar for monitoringthe process. Once tuned stations can be selected and stored as presents on the radio, up to a max of 10 presets being allowed. I found the tuning/scanning and storing process to be very easy and the user manual most helpful.The display shows the various DAB modes on selection and provides information on programme types, channel frequency, DLS (info from the broadcaster), time and date, and signal strength etc. A very useful facility is the Dynamic Range Control(DRC) which adapts the dynamic range of the station audio for improved listening in noisey environments. FM mode uses the aerial in its extended position and the tuning operation for FM stations utilises the FM scan setting and the UP and Down buttons to fine tune station selction, for Strong Stations Only or for all stations. Again the manual gives clear instructions for this simple operation. Preset station storage is simple and like DAB up to 10 stations can be tuned and saved. The FM display shows Radio Text, Programme type, Audio Mode(Stereo/Mono) and time etc. Time and date will be automatically set on connecting to a DAB station, but can be set manually if required with the LCD display being dimmable for low light use, in a bedroom say. The Cube also has two Alarms for selection and a choice of escalating buzzer or radio station for audio source. There is also a 5 minute Snooze facility built in with a large Snooze Button on the top of the selection buttons pad on the right hand side of the Cube. In operation I found that the Cube provided a good quality audio output with sufficient volume for most uses. I have tried the Cube in various rooms and out of doors and found the audio amplitude to be more than satisfactory for all occaisions. Whilst not a Ghetto Blaster the Cube delivers sufficient volume for most peoples needs and to make listening easy. I have found it most suitable for a bedroom or lounge with good sound range and repoduction making for good qualityaudio. The ability to fill the room with your own tunes via the Aux in port really is a valuable addition to this items versatility. Overall I have found that this DAB+ CUBE is a versatile, soundly built and compact audio system that is of very good quality. The sound reproduction is very good and with the competetive pricing of this radio makes this an eminently sensible purchase. I have been using this radio for 10 days and have found the experience most enjoyable and the sound quality really quite exceptional for such a small unit. Compact and attractive it will not be out of place in any room. I like it a lot ! I would say that this radio is a most useful addition to any household and have recommended it to family and friends.
    January 12th, 2018
    Chris Attwell on 
    I recommend reading the other 2 reviews posted as they detail the functionality of this little beast from KitSound. Need I say more? Well after relying on a Pure radio for a number of years, this little wonder cube does more for a lower price and produces a level and quality of sound that more than matches it's price point and that of the Pure. It's also got the wake up call, it snoozes and it let's you take it out to the garden using battery power. It's light, small and elegant design allows it to be tucked away virtually anywhere. It sits mainly in the kitchen delivering sounds from the local station and relaying the news. It's my latest little companion and it's saying put, well pleased.

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