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February 19th, 2019
Daniel Marcus Clark on 
Its a very nice 3.5 mm jack to jack its thin but it works very well & connect very easy from my laptop to my kitsound speakers
February 19th, 2019
malc on 
When first opening the packet, I was unsure on what the quality of the headphones considering the affordable price. However, these are my now go to headphones!. These headphones are very versatile, I use these for long car journeys so there is no problem with the long use as the ear muffs have great quality padding that ensures the individual lengthy use. I've used these headphones for many genres of music to try out the bass and how loud they sounded. I can tell you that when using these headphones you will not get any interruptions from the outside world as they cancel sound even when I have my volume on lower settings with Ballard style songs.


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