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February 19th, 2019
malcolm on 
I came to the kitsound pocket hive while searching for a speaker that allowed me to listen to music in my old car. Outside of the work that owning a vintage car creates I also run a company that uses advanced 3D sound to create immersive experiences, so I spend my days listening to some of the worlds best loudspeakers money can buy.

Well, I’ve had the pocket hive speaker for a little over a year now and am still loving it. It does what I was after and this speaker allows me to easily listen to music at decent volumes and quality straight off my phone or ipod.

The battery seems to last brilliantly, and at present, after running it for about a year, am charging it after about every 12-15 hours worth of use – running off Bluetooth.

I find the design and usability to be very intuitive, and taking and receiving calls, as well as skipping and pausing tracks is simple, and something I can do without looking while driving.

Sound wise I like it – it’s tuned with a good amount of clarity across the spectral range, making it surprisingly punchy and clear given the size. You don’t get the volume out of something like the minirig, but it’s more than ample (I’m more often turning it down than up) and bass wise it works well as long as placed on a solid surface.

For the price I think this is an exceptional speaker. Compared with my partners Sony Bluetooth speaker (which a similar price and size) the Pocket hive blows it out of the water on all fronts.

Highly recommended.


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