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Taking inspiration from original rock ‘n’ roll, The Americans are the band from Los Angeles challenging tradition and redefining the Americana sound. Pulling you in with a little tradition but keeping you there with their unique blend of roots rock, including country, folk and blues, with a modern twist. This 3-piece band have escaped the confines of what should be and made Americana personal.

Made up of frontman and guitarist Patrick Ferris, lead guitarist and banjo player Zac Sokolow, and bassist Jake Faulkner, the bands’ name was inspired by the Photographic book The Americans by Robert Frank, portraying the good and bad, beautiful and ugly of America. Their sound, in similarity, uniquely represents all types of American music.

To date, they’ve performed on the Late Show with David Letterman, joined Grammy and Oscar winner Ryan Bingham on national tours and they even played the first dance at Reese Witherspoon’s wedding. Despite forming in 2010, it’s argued that their ‘discovery’ came in the creation of the 3-part series of documentaries, American Epic, by British filmmaker Bernard MacMahon, which explores the birth of American roots music and its impact on popular culture.