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The down-to-earth, London born and based MC, Moreone, grew up surrounded by the musical influences of his brothers, mum, aunt and uncle and despite his step into the world of British hip hop, his favourite musicians stem from a blend of reggae, rap, rock and pop.

Moreone credits his hip hop inspiration as coming from the group, Task Force; the relationship of brothers, artists, rapping beside one another, resonated strongly with him. Then, over the coming years, it was his own style and his complex, intelligent lyrics, flawless execution and poignant delivery that began to turn heads.

As the first artist to sign to In the Balance Records, Moreone swiftly dropped the Turn Back EP with production from fellow UK Hip Hop artists Verb T, Leaf Dog, Chemo and Illinformed. Having learned his trade tearing up live shows with his older brother Denziller, Moreone gained a reputation for having technical ability and wisdom beyond his years, weaving tales of both the darker and brighter sides of London, stolen youth, love and crime sagas with his own musings on life’s meanings and unmistakable caustic wit.

Moreone’s second release with In the Balance, ‘Wake Up Call’, saw him invited to tour the UK, Ireland and Austria. Since then, he has been hard at work on his debut LP ‘3991’.