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The Science of Qi

----------- By KitSound Audio on 12/02/2019

A quick guide to wireless Qi charging, and why we love it.

With so many techno-terms flying about these days, it can sometimes feel a bit daunting when choosing a new product and trying to figure out which feature is most important to you.

One of the newest things audio lovers have been asked to get their head around is ‘Qi wireless charging’ (pronounced “chee” from the Chinese word for “energy flow”).

We love new technology and using it to create new products like our new XDock Qi Charging Bluetooth Speaker Dock, to make listening better and even easier for you. We also love the idea of an audio world without wires. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

Here’s why we think that wirelessly charging is the best thing since sliced bread. And we love sliced bread.

What is Qi wireless charging?

In a nutshell, it is a technology that lets you charge devices, including headphones and speakers, without wires over a short distance. Although it can be known as inductive charging, it is “Qi charging” (the current standard for wireless charging) which is fast becoming the synonymous term. Much in the way that “Bluetooth” has become the way we often say “wireless connectivity”.


What does Qi wireless chargers even look like?

Wireless chargers normally come in the form of a pad, plate, or even a small stand, which your device can be placed onto for charging. The XDock Qi uses a clever built-in magnetic Qi charge ‘shelf’, allowing you to recharge any compatible device completely wirelessly. While our District Bluetooth Headphones with Qi Charging and ANC comes with a charging pad that will charge your District Headphones and your compatible Qi-enabled device.


What’s so good about wireless charging?

t’s easier to charge wirelessly, especially on a convenient pad that your device can be placed on. In most cases it’s just as quick as wired charging. You also don’t have to hunt around and stretch for a socket, and it looks much neater than wires draped everywhere!

The XDock Qi has been designed with a magnetised docking shelf offering both portrait and landscape viewing modes. Which means you can catch up with your favourite TV show, watch a movie or listen to the latest news from the comfort of your bed, all whilst charging your device wirelessly.


What devices work with wireless charging?

Although more and more of the latest devices now have wireless charging built in to them, some older phones that are not compatible can have their cover replaced to make them work with Qi charging. Just check if your device is compatible and keep your eye out for the Qi logo.

Want to know about the other technology that we use in our speakers and headphones? Have a look at our other guides to noise-cancellation and true wireless!


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