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Metallic Boom Collection

The Boom range goes metallic...

----------- By KitSound Audio on 24/04/2019

If music drives your everyday and you find the glint of a metallic accessory hard to refuse, let us steal you for moment and introduce you to an all new metallics collection that you’ll definitely want to get your hands on.

The new metallics on the block

If you loved the BoomBar+ and BoomCube Bluetooth Speakers in gun metal and rose gold now you’ll love them in metallic blue or purple. They’re as loud as ever but now you can shake things up – it’s all about mix ‘n’ clash more than match when it comes to your metallics in 2019.

Metallic Blue Boombar

It’s not a party without great sound…

And the Boom collection is built for great sound. When it comes to a reliably loud and bold party speaker you want to a speaker for every occasion. Make the picnic a party and experience big, bold audio wherever you go because the BoomBar+ is the portable speaker that keeps you connected wirelessly to the sound you love for up to 20 hours.

It even has a built-in carry handle so it’s easy to take your music everywhere and the hands-free call handling means nothing interrupts the music, it simply pauses to let you chat and then plays on from where you left off. Simple.

So if your summer is in need of a powerful but portable Bluetooth speaker with a more than generous play time that looks as good as it sounds, you need a BoomBar+ Bluetooth Speaker in metallic blue or purple.

Metallic Purple Boom Cube

Big and bassy on the inside…

If you’re looking for a small but mighty wireless speaker however, the BoomCube Bluetooth Speaker is it. Compact but audacious, it encases an impressive passive bass radiator that does every playlist justice. You will love it for its 6 hours of play time and minimal 2 hours recharge so the music never stops for long, and you’ll want to carry it everywhere for its sturdy metallic casing. Now with its sleek metallic blue and metallic purple designs, this will be your speaker of the summer.

Bold and beautiful, move over rose gold and the gun metal and make room for the all new metallic purple and blue, here to mix things up and do what they do best, add some Boom to the party and more metallic to your collection.

Metallic Purple Boombar

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