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KitSound Summer Essentials Vol. 1

KitSound Summer Essentials Vol. 1

----------- By KitSound Audio on 30/07/2019

What songs remind you of summer? You know the ones. Tunes that bring memories of family trips, epic festivals, and burnt faces, flooding back in a wave of nostalgia.

We all have our favourites of course. And as always, the team were eager to share theirs…

The Summer Essentials jury: Bradley – Assistant Buyer | Justin – Head of R&D | Max – Copywriter | Jordan – Product Design | Gemma – Social Media & PR

The song that best says ‘summer’?

Bradley:Duke Dumont ‘I Got U’.”

Max:The ‘Come Around Sundown’ album by Kings of Leon.”

Jordan:Allah-Las ‘Don’t you forget it’.”

Justin: “Ice Cube ‘Good day’. It’s the song that Will Smith’s ‘Summertime’ wishes it was.”

Must-listen track during the summer months?

Bradley:Jamiroquai, ‘Virtual Insanity’.”

Gemma: “It has to be ‘Summertime’ by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.”

Max:Bamboleo’ by Gipsy Kings.”

Jordan: “Talking Heads, ‘This Must Be the Place’.”

Current chart song that will define Summer 2019?

Justin:’Come Together’ by Urbandawn. This is going to get rinsed this summer. What a banger! It starts off so innocent, and then…. oooof! Grimey, but in a lovely summery way. I love the way it just builds and builds.”

Bradley:Ocean Alley ‘Confidence’, or Touch Sensitive’s ‘G.A.L.’

Max:’Nevermind’ by Dennis Lloyd. It’s not actually in the charts right now, but it’s big on my 2019 feel-good playlist, you might recognise it from the BMW advert!”

Gemma: “Mark Ronson’s ‘Late Night Feelings’. Lykke Li’s vocal is filled with summer, and the hint of steels drums mixed in with the slightly retro sixties vibe of the track makes it the perfect summer track for 2019. Oh, and also anything from the Love Island Pool Party Ministry of Sound Album Because Love Island is summer, right?”

Summer hit that brings back the most memories?

Justin: “The whole of KT Tunstall’s Eye to the Telescope springs to mind. We listened to it the first year we went camping as a family. It sound-tracked the holiday. If I hear it now, I’m right back there, my wife and daughter singing at the tops of their voices with the sun beating down on our faces while we explore Dartmoor in our battered old ford escort.”

Jordan:Sylvester ‘You make Me Feel’. Brings back Bestival 2017 memories!”

Gemma:Bloc Party’s ‘Flux’. It takes me back to a 2007 holiday where I pretty much had it on repeat!”

Bradley: “Jocelyn Brown’s ‘Somebody Else’s Guy’, and Jack Johnson’s ‘Better Together’.”

Finally, secret love for a cheesy summer one?

Bradley:Justin Timberlake’s ‘Señorita’.”

Gemma: “I’m not sure it’s cheesy, but I’ve not heard from the band since. Last summer there was a track doing the rounds called ‘Take My Hand’ by an Irish band (I think!) called Picture This. It was a tune and the lyrics are glued in my brain forever.”

Justin: “’Higher Love’ by Steve Winwood! Guilty pleasure, super summery, pretty cheesy, makes me smile.”

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KitSound Summer Essentials Vol. 1
KitSound Summer Essentials Vol. 1

What songs remind you of summer? You know the ones. Tunes that bring memories of family trips, epic festivals, and burnt faces, flooding back in a wave of nostalgia.We all have our favourites of ...

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