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International Womens Day

5 Women to Watch in 2019

----------- By KitSound Audio on 05/03/2019

International Women’s Day is right around the corner! Time to break out the Adele classics and dust off the Spice Girls album to celebrate the best women in music. Loads of the KitSound team have playlists full of great female musicians, and we especially love keeping an ear out for new talents and upcoming voices.

So here’s our shortlist of British female musicians who we think could be scratching the record in 2019!

Áine Cahill

Talented Irish singer Áine has captured several of the hearts and ears of the KitSound team. We think there’s a grace and beauty about her voice, and maybe even a touch of Adele. A few of us would love to see her sing the next Bond theme!

Song to get you started: Beauty is a Lie, give it a watch here

Aine Cahill


We love artists that break the mould and create their own. Cecil’s broodier, darker songs make her stand out from the rest, and really let her vocals shine. We also really like her music videos, and the one we have picked to get you started is delightfully creepy!

Song to get you started: Toybox, tune in here



Her music will put a smile on your face, and her infectious voice makes us think she could blow up in 2019 and really make a mark. She also writes smart lyrics that resonate and give her songs a real replay value that we can’t get enough of!

Song to get you started: I Wish I Missed My Ex, delve in here



Never letting go of her northern-England roots, Zuzu’s sound feels as trendy as her style. You will be able to see her at the YNOT?, Hardwick Live and Truck Festivals in the summer to name a few. We hope that before long she will be moving up the billing!

Song to get you started: Can’t be alone, you can listen here


Jade Bird

This isn’t the first time we have pointed you towards the talented young British singer, songwriter and musician. There’s something really fresh yet nostalgic about her style. Personally we love her single “uh-huh”. It’s like a country version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”…love it!

Song to get you started: Tune in to Uh-Huh here

Jade Bird

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