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Diggit XL

24 Hours with the Diggit XL

----------- By KitSound Audio on 10/05/2019

The all-new, bigger, more powerful Diggit XL will play for up to 24 hours on one charge, which got us thinking, “how could you spend a fabulous audio-filled 24 hours with a Diggit XL”? Let’s find out…

10am | Wake up the right way

There’s nothing like a Saturday lie-in, so why not tune into your favourite breakfast show with TuneIn Internet Radio and enjoy the high quality audio of the Diggit XL. Our breakfast picks have to be Greg James or Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 1 and 2, Absolute, BBC Radio 5 Live and we’re partial to a bit of Chris Moyles on Radio X. And if we want to catch up on the world of news and politics LBC is the place to be.

Diggit XL

11.45pm | Get the boring bits done and dusted!

Fill your home with your power playlists and wholly embrace those necessary chores. The Diggit XL's handy portability means you can take the tunes with you anywhere in the house with ease. And you’ll be so busy belting out your best ballads that the chores will be over before you know it.

Diggit XL

1.30pm | Al Fresco dining

Perhaps after all that cleaning (and singing) it’s the perfect time for a spot of lunch, so why not head out to the garden. Pop the Diggit XL on its removable stake, stick it in the ground and chill out with your favourite audio book or podcast whilst you refuel. Forget distorted, muffled voices from speakers played from the ground, the Diggit XL is raised to deliver crystal clear 360° audio, so you hear every word.

Diggit XL

2.30pm | Get social

Why not make time for a catch up and invite a friend over after lunch? Use the Diggit XL's call handing to get in touch and then pick a playlist that you both love. And if the weather changes? Don’t worry, the Diggit XL’s IP66 weatherproof rating means a little rain won’t stop the tunes.

Diggit XL

4.45pm | Sit back and relax

When it’s time to chill out, spend a relaxed afternoon watching your favourite show on Netflix on your tablet or phone. Get comfy, pair your device with the Diggit XL and enjoy an impressively expansive audio experience.

Diggit XL

7.30pm | Turn up the tunes

Get the party started and host an evening with friends; listen to music, eat good food and even have a dance. You and your guests can share your favourite party playlists through the Diggit XL. Move the party outside if it’s warm enough, the Diggit XL's built-in LED light adds ambiance to any late night garden party and you could even connect several Diggit XL together via Bluetooth for ultimate surround sound.

Diggit XL

8.30am | Take it easy

If your head is a little tired from the night before, make it a soothing Sunday and pair up two Diggit XL and watch your favourite film and experience true 360° sound from the comfort of your bed!

Discover the new Diggit XL Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker Diggit XL Blueotoooth Outdoor Speaker now and raise the stakes on your summer!

Diggit XL

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Diggit XL
24 Hours with the Diggit XL

The all-new, bigger, more powerful Diggit XL will play for up to 24 hours on one charge, which got us thinking, “how could you spend a fabulous audio-filled 24 hours with a Diggit XL”? Let’s ...

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