KitSound Tablet and Smartphone Surround Sound Sound Stand

RRP: £29.99

KitSound Tablet and Smartphone Surround Sound Sound Stand
KitSound Tablet and Smartphone Surround Sound Sound Stand

Introducing the KitSound™ Sound Stand

The KS Sound Stand is a lightweight, portable speaker which provides surround sound either on the move or as a smart desktop stand.

High Quality Surround Sound

Because he wanted his audiences to feel as though the orchestra was actually in the theatre with them, Walt Disney gave cinema-goers a completely new, immersive film-viewing experience by using surround sound in his 1940 film 'Fantasia'. 70 years on and the KS Sound Stand, lets you watch films and listen to music in surround sound on your tablet or mobile. And thanks to both its twin dynamic Neodymium speakers which increase efficiency, lower distortion and have a high output and Sound Retrieval System® (SRS) technology which creates a more spacious sense of ambience and makes more of discrete instruments, you can rest assured that your media is being given the platform it deserves.

Create Your Own Home Cinema System

If you love watching films in surround sound, the Sound Stand is ideal for when you're away from home, especially considering your device can be positioned at a comfortable angle for either landscape or portrait viewing.

Ultra Light and Portable

Not only do the Sound Stand's Neodymium speakers make for a speaker system which is lightweight and comfortable to carry, but its foldable wings and adjustable clips hold your device firmly in place to provide a stable desktop stand. You could even take inspiration from the Swedish 'Lunch Beat' events and have an hour-long rave at lunchtime. Although your work colleagues might not be so happy about that. Unless of course they're from Sweden.

Compatible and Long-Lasting

The Sound Stand's 3.5 mm jack and stereo cable ensure easy connection to most portable audio devices, so you can have surround sound whether you've got an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, tablet or smartphone. And because the built-in battery - which lasts for up to 4 hours - takes just 2 hours to recharge by plugging the supplied USB cable into a laptop, USB mains charger or USB car charger, you can spend less time waiting to hear your tunes and more time listening to them.

About KitSound

We are craftspeople. We are musicians. We are KitSound™ and we all commit ourselves to achieving one shared goal: Bringing people closer to their music. By understanding music we stay true to its craft. Pure, rich, incredible sound. We settle for nothing less.


Play time: up to 4 hours

Drivers: 2 x 30 mm NdFeb

S/N: 78 dB

Frequency response: 80 Hz - 17.5 kHz

Jack socket: 3.5 mm

Surround engine: SRS®

What this pack contains

  • 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm auxillary cable

  • USB charging cable

  • Speaker

Product Features

  • Awesome surround sound

  • Built-in rechargeable battery

  • Twin dynamic Neodymium speakers

  • Line-in (3.5 mm Jack) for connection of any portable audio device

  • Portable surround sound speaker system with handy desktop stand function